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About Ladd Electronics


Ladd Electronics was born out of the minds of four college guys at The Kings College in NY. Those four guys Larry, Arthur, Derrick, and Dorian, wanted to make some extra money at school. The school rules required that any “business” run out of the school be registered with student development and have an official name. Thus the four boys taking the initials of their first names became LADD Electronics. While they did not stay together for long Larry Alkinburgh never forgot those days. After he completed his tour with the US Coast Guard, Larry came home to St. Johnsville, NY and started LADD Electronics in a spare room on the back of his house. After a fire (caused by a lightning strike) nearly destroyed his business he moved across the street to a spare office in a neighbor’s house and eventually purchased the building that Ladd Electronics is now located in at 17. E Main St. Nelliston, NY.


Larry has built his business of over 25 years by providing consistent customer service while also remaining on the current edge of technology in the electronics field. As one of the few true service providers left today it is not unusual to see Larry out on installations and service calls himself. Whether it is TV repair or the complex installations of two-way satellite, Ladd Electronics can get it done. Specializing in two way radio communications Ladd Electronics also maintains 3 tower sites and provided communications services for some of the areas most important businesses including: Roosevelt’s Towing, Midvale Veterinary, and Agway. For personal communications Ladd Electronics now carries a full line of Nextel digital cell-phone products and rate plans as well as pagers and two-way radios for business or personal use.

Larry enjoys some time in the park with his grand daughter.

Ladd Electronics is a privately owned and family oriented business. Larry’s wife, Marion, handles all the bookkeeping and often is the person behind the counter helping out customers as they stop in. His oldest son, Noah, while living in Pennsylvania is very active in helping to maintain the website and Larry’s youngest son, Dale, can be found helping out around the store maintaining the company vehicles as well as out on the job site assisting with installations. Ladd Electronics understands the importance of family and that is how they view their loyal customers of so many years. They are all just part of the family. is a registered trademark of Ladd Electronics. All Rights Reserved
Ladd Electronics 17 E. Main St., Nelliston, NY 13410 Phone: 518-993-4418 Email: